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Activities & Facilities

Sutera at Mantanani offers a selection of activities for you to enjoy on the island. Just because you can enjoy sitting on the beach all day, doesn’t mean you have to!

snorkeling (8)


Be amazed as you observe the marine life that inhabits the ocean surrounding Mantanani! Snorkel in the clear blue water near the beach or take a boat trip to several different snorkeling locations!



We offer Discover Scuba Dive courses, Leisure Dive sessions and PADI Open Water courses.

Our instructors will safely navigate you to different locations and show you where to find the most spectacular sights!

blue plankton (1)

Blue Plankton

If you’re lucky, you’ll see the ocean glow in the dark as bioluminescent plankton lights it up under a full moon. The sight is truly a rare treat and a spectacle to enjoy.


Sunset Tour

Let us take you to the most romantic spots on the island, where you can see the bright orange, red, and yellow pastels of the sunset streak across the clouds before dipping behind the ocean and allowing the moon to glow on your getaway.



Take a kayak out for a spin around the island! With the crystal-clear water, you’ll be able to see plenty of marine life below the surface. The calm waters make for ideal kayaking conditions, and no experience is required!

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Dive Centre

Our fully equipped dive center caters to all your diving needs, ensuring that your scuba experience with us remains fun, safe and secure.

Games Room

Our Games Room offers the perfect solution for rainy afternoons or quiet nights. Have a flip through our mini library of books and magazines or have a go at some board games or even learn to play Mah Jong!

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