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"Beautiful, Alluring and Vibrant, Come to Mantanani"
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Just Another Blissful Day at Sutera at Mantanani

Imagine your dream holiday a tropical paradise, where the softness of the white sandy beaches lapped by the inviting crystal clear waters of the ocean, rivalled by that of the luxury bedding in your elegant chalet suite.

Renew your love to the sea, sand and sunshine. The pristine powder soft white sand sifts through your toes as the gentle lapping waves and rustles of palm weave their lazy spell. Another blissful day at the beach.


Resort Facilities and Surroundings

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Rainbow Properties Sdn. Bhd.


Sutera at Mantanani is owned by Singapore-listed GSH Corporation and managed by Sutera Harbour Resort.

Driven by the principles of professionalism and providing great value, we offer quality facilities and services while living by a sense of environmental awareness. Not only do we practice safe diving and snorkelling, we respect the environment that we are entering into by keeping dive groups small and conducting daily beach cleaning sessions in order to maintain the splendour of Mantanani.

We’re proud of offer scenic tours, fun water activities and exquisite cuisine. Our committed team of frontline crew, instructors and chefs are dedicated to making sure your stay with us is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Together, we’ve made sure that over 12,000 guests have had their amazing getaway. Beautiful, alluring and vibrant, Come to Mantanani!